Howdy! I'm Mr. Unity Buddy


Technical Writer • Content Creator • Game Designer • Mad Developer


Hey there! I'm Mr. Unity Buddy, a technical writer and also a Content creator, Game Designer, and a Mad Developer.

Mr Unity Buddy

Technical Writer & Content Creator

I love writing articles that help people to solve various problems and learning about new things.

  • Age: Unknown
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  • Personality: In between Introvert and Extrovert
  • What others say: Shy, Friendly, Messy, Forgets easily
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  • Skills: Technical Writing, Content Creation
  • Freelance: Available

I love writing articles and tutorials that help people to solve problems and learn about new things. And they can be from my current toolbox or not. Curious what's inside of my toolbox? Well, that's no more than few programming languages like Python, C# and some essential tools and frameworks which are needed for a ususal full-stack developer. Check out my blog or Github Profile to learn more about it! (in case you're a super curious about me)

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What to expect

Clean and Understandable

I try my best to write articles that can be understood by every reader, from beginner to advanced

Images and Videos explaining hard concepts

Copyrighted Images and Videos are used to explain complex conepts to simpler

Correct and Accurate Content

Falso information? You will never find them in my articles!


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Mr Unity Buddy

Good Code, Bad Code: Start To Think Like A Software Engineer

A review of the fantastic "Good Code, Bad Code" book by Tom Long + Giveaway inside! 🎁

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Mr Unity Buddy

Create Your Own Weather App With Python + TuyaAPI

Create a weather app with an amazing Python API, Tuya

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Mr Unity Buddy

Playing With Tuya API: An API for Pythonistas

An Introduction to the Tuya API, a playful and a powerful API

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Here are some tones detected in my writing. It may help you to find whether I'm the right person you are looking for

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There're different styles which I use to write articles. Choose what fits your audience!

Big-Bash Style

Very Interesting and perfect for beginner audiences. May use informal but SFW words.


Formal but still interesting. Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate audiences

Super Formal

Completely formal and might be boring sometimes. Recommended for advanced audiences only.

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